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The last word on the Last Mile





Is COVID keeping you up at night?

Are you worried about how to maintain deliveries while keeping staff and customers safe?

Are you short of delivery staff or specialists?

Are you able to maintain service today and simultaneously plan for the post-COVID reality?


This question is probably quite rhetorical …

COVID is bringing new challenges in logistics on a daily basis but don’t worry, we are here to help!


At Last Mile Experts we have a specialist team of operators, most of us with decades years of “hands on” experience in the last mile…and while we haven’t experienced COVID before…we have experienced many other disasters. Our experienced managers can help with disaster recovery planning, act as interim management covering for staff that are unable to work or helping you to plan for the post COVID last mile.


Write to Mirek on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more about what LME can do to heal you.








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I am delighted to inform you that Dick Stead will be joining the Last Mile Expert Team in January 2019 as Senior Partner, UK. Dick will be well known to many of you from his time as Managing Director at Parcelforce Worldwide and Executive Chairman at Yodel. Dick has over 25 years’ experience supporting the UK Retail and Omni-Channel Retail sectors, developing UK Pick-up and Delivery networks and influencing UK/Global distribution companies. Dick will bring unique and practical insights and experiences to the Last Mile Experts Team. If  you are troubled about the strategic direction of your company, if you need to put your customer higher up your priority list, if you need to understand the changing political landscape for delivery and distribution and how it could affect your company or if you simply need to review your existing logistics operations, Dick and Last Mile Expert are here to help.






























Amazon workshop




...means winning the last mile!


Is Amazon keeping you up at night? Are you trying to work out if Amazon is a threat or the biggest thing that could happen to your parcel network or business? Marek Różycki (Last Mile Experts) teams up with Ian Kerr (The Postal Hub) and draws upon his experience as Amazon VP Logistics Europe in this interactive workshop to help postal and parcel executives understand Amazon. Learn how Amazonian thinking can help your business work – or compete – with the world’s most successful e-commerce player.


This workshop will be held at Post Expo in Hamburg on Tuesday 9 October 2018. Reserve your place at the workshop. Register as a delegate at www.postexpo.com and complete the form here:  http://www.thepostalhub.com/amazon-workshop-sign-up-post-expo/  to be sure of your place.