Last Mile Experts, together with UPIDO, have just completed a major study of PUDO and APM networks in 27 EU countries and the United Kingdom. The “Out-of-home delivery in Europe 2021” report, which was produced with the support of DPDgroup and ORACLE Partner, shows that more than 40% of new PUDO points have been created in the European Union since mid-2019. Poland is one of the fastest growing markets where the number of access points has increased by more than 70% during this time. The countries supporting the most PUDOs are Germany (57,000), France (45,000), the United Kingdom (38,000) and Italy (36,000). As a result of our study, we estimate that there are more than 336,000 PUDO locations available across the continent. An increasingly important part of any Out Of Home infrastructure are APMs (parcel lockers) which now total more than 43,000 units. The largest number of machines is available in Poland (11,000) Spain (10,000) and Germany (7,000). Interestingly, the densest OOH network is in Finland where most parcels are delivered by this method.

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