Beijing - Mobile consolidation point?


June 27, 2017



I am currently travelling in China and am quite overwhelmed at the pace of infrastructural and general commercial development. In particular, I cannot help but observe the number of couriers visible, more or less everywhere, in Beijing.

What has also gained my interest (apart from the rather cool and clearly ecological delivery vehicles), is the fact that the majority of the couriers I have seen are running at, or close to capacity…and I assume that we are not even in peak season, right now. OK, this is Beijing, but it is still amazing.

China’s Courier, Express & Parcel (CEP) players will have to think about investing in technology and infrastructure to support their operations. While my Chinese is (unfortunately) non-existent and I couldn’t talk with the guy in the photo, I assume that this he is running a sort of mobile “access/consolidation point”? Interesting approach…

As we all know, the Chinese are pretty smart, but I expect that the sheer size of the Last Mile challenge out here will prove to be a real challenge, as well as opportunity for the incumbent CEP players. Any views from those amongst you who are closer to this exciting market?