M&A due diligence of a leading International Parcel Locker producer and network operator



In mid 2016 we have been approached by  one of the “big 4” accounting firms to support their financial due diligence of a leading European Locker and CEP operator with a view to:

  • providing industry expertise and specialist knowledge
  • giving a “sanity check” on the conclusions drawn by the Firm’s consultants


  • quality of available data, especially of a strategic nature, was poor
  • matters were compounded by short timeframes and the need to act fast as well as the fact that the team had relatively little industry exposure

Last Mile Expert’s ROLE

Given the dearth of local specialists, we guided the Firm’s team in optimising their approach to the project and discussing their findings and conclusions.

Our role included:

  • Providing background information on the target and market context
  • Expert opinions to support and confirm the Firm’s assessment of the data they had been given
  • Discussion and identifying of key relevant risks and opportunities for the business
  • Assessment of the organisation’s ability to execute future plans


No generalist is able to offer the depth of industry experience that a specialist player such as Last Mile Experts is able to offer. We have been able to help ensure that:

  • the project was carried out to the best standard given the available time and access to information
  • industry specific risks and opportunities have been discussed
  • support was available for client review sessions