In late 2016 we have been retained by a North European Postal Operator to support then in finding a suitable fulfilment partner or acquisition target in the US to support e-commerce activities to and from Europe.


  • there is a myriad of small players and finding those with a reasonable track record and operational competence was not an easy task
  • as our partner was not a major Postal Operator and from a relatively small country, gaining interest amongst the more significant potential partners was not easy

Last Mile Expert’s ROLE

  • to use knowledge of current players and carry out desk research to add develop a full list of potential targets and make initial enquiries to confirm which could be interested in having a financial investor
  • to provide our client with a list of companies reviewed with key information we have been able to secure
  • make recommendations regarding best options for acquisition (or, if not possible, strategic partnership)


Unlike a typical strategy consultancy LME could use their extensive list of contacts and market knowledge to:

  • create a suitable “long list” of target companies for review with our client
  • add credibility with potential targets so that they were prepared to talk
  • make competent recommendations about the best target

This solution proved to be efficient and highly cost effective for our client who had little experience of the US market and no local presence.