M&A - sale of an express carrier in Poland



In early 2016 we have been approached by  a mid-sized Express and Parcel group with a view to selling their Polish operations and:

  • preparing a suitable teaser
  • distributing this to a suitable target group
  • supporting preparation of their Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM)
  • supporting sale negotiations




  • the company was relatively small and therefore not suitable for many large players
  • most large players already have a foothold in Poland
  • the company’s profitability was poor


Last Mile Expert’s ROLE


We supported the vendor’s in preparing vendor presentations, especially the teaser and in optimising the approach to the sale.

In particular, our role included:

  • preparation of a teaser document
  • preparation of a long and short list of potential buyers (using local contacts and those from our network)
  • sending teasers and follow up calls with all shortlisted companies
  • supporting negotiations for the sale


No generalist is able to offer the depth of industry experience that a specialist player such as Last Mile Experts is able to offer. We have been able to help ensure that:


  • using our specialist knowledge, a good overview of the market and teaser, was provided
  • buyers who would not immediately spring to mind were engaged
  • the transaction was successfully completed