M&A due diligence of a leading Turkish domestic CEP Player



Out team in Turkey includes leading practitioners with hands on experience. During 2016-17 we have been retained to support commercial and operational due diligence on behalf of two leading Turkish private equity players, with a view to:

  • confirming the attractiveness of the target
  • development of an optimal strategy for shareholder value creation over the next 3-5 years


  • As with most exercises of this nature, access or availability to all the necessary data was not ideal
  • Cultural differences and the specifics of the Turkish market were an important factor
  • Stakeholders had a differing view on the best way forward

Last Mile Expert’s ROLE

Given the dearth of local specialists, we actually participated in two due diligence exercises using clear division of responsibilities and information (Chinese walls).

Our role included:

  • Expert opinions to support and confirm strategy consultant’s assessment of the market and opportunities
  • Operational due diligence aimed at identifying key risks and opportunities for the business
  • IT review aimed at identifying key risks in this key area and steps for their mitigation
  • Assessment of the organisation’s ability to execute future plans


No strategy consultancy is able to offer the depth of industry experience that a specialist player such as Last Mile Experts is able to offer. We have been able to help ensure that:


  • the investment thesis and investment plan supporting it is sound
  • industry specific risks and opportunities have been well accounted for
  • Post-acquisition support is available to ensure sound strategic plans supported by clear and effective project implementation plans